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What is Cassidy's?

Cassidy's is a unique cocktail delivery service where products can be ordered online for direct home delivery and complemented alongside an immersive video storyline. The concept draws comparisons with 1920s prohibition and the speakeasy disguises used to supply liquor.


Is this a real pharmacy, apothecary or chemist?

No, whilst products may add value to own’s daily life, no doctors are nurses are involved, only moonshiners and bootleggers. Cassidy’s is in no way associated with a legitimate pharmacy, chemist or druggist. Cassidy’s is not supplying legitimate medicines or run by an active pharmacist professional.


How many servings are in one bottle of Moonshine Cocktail or Liqueur?

Cocktail bottles come in a 250 ml bottle = 2-4 cocktail serves and a 500 ml bottle = 5-7 cocktail serves.


After I’ve ordered my product, how long does delivery take?

All orders on Standard Delivery have an estimated delivery time of 2-4 working days.


What do I do with the cocktail once it’s delivered? Do I need to mix it myself?

All products are pre-made and ready to be enjoyed direct from the bottle. On some products, some shaking is required to create a brilliant foam for the drink. All serving instructions are clearly labelled on each product and/or on our website. To best enjoy, serve all drinks ice cold. 


Do I need any other ingredients or appliances for my cocktails?

You are not needed to add any other ingredients to your products. On some products, extra ingredients can be added to enjoy the drink in a different way. For instance, our Liqueurs can be added to other spirits and/or mixes to enjoy your own created cocktail at home.  

Some products require shaking. Whilst a shaking tin is recommended, this is not essential and any appliance can be used to shake the product.


What kind of additional content are you providing?

Once an order is placed via Cassidy’s, customers will receive video messaging from key characters throughout their brewing, bottling and bootlegging process. Access will also be given to “The Daily American”, the local newspaper, in order to access exclusive additional content surrounding the story.


Do you have to be over 18?  

Yes, all customers are required to be over 18 to purchase our products.

How long do products last?

All products can be stored unopened ambiently for up to 6 months. Once opened, products should be kept refrigerated and we recommend use within 1 month.


How can I find out the ABV of the cocktail?

Each products ABV should be clearly labelled on the product itself and on our website when looking at the specific product.

How much is the shipping cost? 

Standard Delivery (2-4 working days) is £3.99.

Can I track my shipment?

You will be notified as soon as your package is shipped. You will receive a tracking number with your shipping confirmation which enables you to track the delivery via the carrier website. Please check your junk mail for the confirmation if you haven't received one.


What happens if goods arrive damaged?

Please contact with your order number/delivery note number. We will require proof of damaged product via a photo sent to this email address. Please try to take the photo in its original packaging and as soon as you have received the package.

If the parcel is clearly damaged when the carrier arrives at your address, you can refuse delivery. We will be notified of this and the reason for the refusal by the carrier. Send us an email letting us know whether you would like a replacement or a refund and we will do our best to accommodate your requests as quickly as possible.


Are the bottles recyclable?

Yes they are glass bottles.


Our FAQs are regularly updated, but if your question has not been answered please email